How Do I Rebuild a DigitalOcean Droplet? runs in a DigitalOcean Droplet. This site has a specific IP address which is mapped to the domain. Let's say I want to run a new version of Linux in the Droplet, but keep the same IP address (so I don't have to remap the domain), then I need to rebuilt the Droplet.

Rebuilding the Droplet basically the same as creating a new VM from an ISO image. I looked around for a while to figure out how to do this... finally found it.

Step 1. Login to your existing Droplet. For CoreOS, you must use ssh:

$ ssh

Step 2. Poweroff Linux

$ sudo poweroff

Step 3. Login to, select Droplets, verify the Droplet power is off.

Step 4. Select Destroy from the list on the left

This will present a page with two options:

  1. Destroy Droplet
  2. Rebuild Droplet

The Rebuild Droplet option provides a dropdown with a list of Droplets available. Select one and click on Rebuild.

You can now configure the Droplet with your application. If you are using CoreOS, you must build and run the Docker container.